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The RAD RT is a playful project. It is an outlet and a resource, a place to laugh and be inspired, a place to share and build community. 

After 15+ years of practitioner and management roles as a Recreation Therapist, I found myself with a lot of cool information, but a shrinking network and fewer Rec Therapists to bounce ideas off of and create brilliance with. So, I decided to create a space to put it all, and hopefully rebuild that network. 

Some of my favorite things about being a Recreation Therapist is that we are Rich And Dynamic, hence the name The RAD RT. We are drawn to RT, working with awesome humans, a helping profession, because we are full of compassion, kindness, and love. We each have an abundance of skill sets, qualities, and talents that we bring to our practice that make us unique and engaging. We are constantly striving to provide quality services to those we come in contact with which energizes us to be dynamic and current. 

YOU are a RAD RT!  

I hope in sharing these experiences and perspectives someone will benefit. Whether by being inspired, gaining awareness, having a laugh, learning about a new tool or approach, making connections, or some other magical insight, I hope you find our site a delight. 


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