Take the RAD RT Challenge!

Every month we’ll post a new challenge for you to stretch your mind, create new experiences, and push your boundaries.
We believe that engaging in challenges like these will support your journey as a 
Rich and Dynamic Recreation Therapist. Go you!

RAD Challenge: November

Inspired by the students from Dr. Jenn Taylor’s Management Class at University of Wisconsin–La Crosse!

– Try 3 NEW recreation-based activities
– Introduce/teach one of them to your framily
(that’s friends, family, and friends who’ve become family)
– Read 1 article about leadership daily

RAD Reflection

Be sure to include:

  1. What new activities did you try?

  2. How did you find them?

  3. What did you find surprising about participating in them?

  4. What sources did you find articles about leadership to read?

  5. What were 2 take-aways you will file in your “future-manager” toolbox from the articles?

THANK YOU for challenging yourself and getting RAD!

RAD Challenge Results